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20 Interesting Essay Topics About The World Cuisine

Most of the essays you have been writing have been on various controversial issues but this time, your tutor has taken another turn. You are required to write an essay about the world cuisine. Although you are very enthusiastic when it comes to international and local cuisines but you don’t know how to come up with topics for your academic paper. In order to help you out of this burdensome dilemma, here are 20 interesting topics on which you can base your academic paper on the world cuisine. They are as follows:

  • French Cuisine – A look at its history and appeal
  • Cajun Cuisine – An analysis of its history
  • Peruvian Cuisine – Blending the past with the present
  • Madagascar Cuisine – Understanding what makes it really different
  • A look at the culture of Indian Cuisine
  • Understanding the African cuisine
  • International hotels – The role of globalization in their choice of cuisines
  • California cuisine versus Texas cuisine – A critical analysis
  • Chinese cuisine – The facts behind its soaring popularity
  • Understanding the influence of Chinese cuisine in the US
  • Italian cuisine – A look at the contemporary aspects
  • Analysis of the historical aspects of food culture in the UK
  • A look at the impact of cuisines on eating habits in the US
  • Lebanese versus American cuisines
  • Vietnamese food – An understanding of the country’s food science
  • Greek culture – Understanding its impact on Greek cuisine
  • Understanding the secrets of Spanish cuisine
  • A look at the fascination of French cuisine
  • A look at Thailand’s extraordinary cuisines
  • Chinese and Japanese Culture – A fusion of unique cuisines

Enough can never be written or said about the world’s cuisine. There are several cultures with their own unique cuisines. From America to Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, there will always be one mouth-watering dish or the other to taste for the first time. For any of the topics chosen above for your essay about the world cuisine, you should carry out adequate research so that you can find out as much information as required for writing your paper.

You can also look through various food blogs to get ideas of the different types of cuisines in various regions. This will help you to decide on the particular topic to write about. However, you should remember to give credit to the sources or blogs used in learning more about the topic you have chosen for your essay about the world cuisine.

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