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A Quick Guide To Composing A Definition Essay On Personal Responsibility

Readers are well acquainted with what an essay is. We as a student have been always given assignments on essay from our childhood. These ranged from imaginative to descriptive to sometimes debate oriented. We have managed to write up things we thought are perfect in those times. Slowly with the progress of time the complexity of these writings has also increased thoroughly. The gravity of the topics has become heavier.

A definition essay is another form of higher level write-up which we were talking about. It describes a simple term. The entire meaning of this rests on the term that you have selected. You have to write different aspects on it and where these words are used and why they are used. It is more of a form of research type essay, the topic of research being the term.

Important things to be kept in mind:

  • To tell the readers about the term that is being defined. Explaining them vividly.
  • The information and the facts that you have collected on that term should be presented precisely and in an organised manner.
  • Come up with good examples of the usage of the words.

How to write a definition essay (general):

  1. 1. Choosing of topic is important for any form of writing. You need chose the term in case of definition essay. The term might be concrete and well defined like book, tree, dog, human beings etc. or you might opt to choose something those are abstract like love, pain, feelings. Choose carefully else you might and up with lack of materials.
  2. 2. You can write the definition in three manners; defining by function which explains how the thing works; definition by structure which tells us how something is organized and perfected ; definition by analysis where you get compare the word with some other words of its class.
  3. 3. A well-defined thesis statement is must in definition essay.

Personal responsibility is quite an interesting topic. Now we need to categorize it on the basis of the type of topic it falls in to. As we can see it falls in to the abstract part. You cannot see or touch personal responsibility. Abstract words are basically tough to write about and you need to gather a lot of information regarding them.

Define it by function first and tell us how and where you can use these words. Secondly define it by structure where you can talk what kind of behaviour should be present in a person. Thirdly define it by analysis where you get compare different forms of personal behaviours.

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