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23 Winning Discursive Essay Topics To Choose From

A winning discursive essay has the following things:

  • An interesting topic
  • A catchy title
  • Your personal opinion
  • Facts and research to support your take on the matter
  • Counter arguments
  • A conclusion which restates your opinion
  • Maintains distance from an argumentative essay

There are plenty of topics on which you can base your essay on. But good topics need to be not only something which are relevant in the present time, but also something that you have a personal opinion on and thus will be able to build on and provide supportive data or facts. It is advisable that you do not lean on your opinion entirely and give a well balanced view to both sides of the coin.

Topics for a winning discursive essay

Below are mentioned several examples for a winning discursive essay. You should support the side you feel is appropriate and proceed accordingly:

  1. Automobiles - One of the worst inventions of mankind.
  2. Vegetarianism as a lifestyle choice is healthier.
  3. Sports like Cricket and Football have turned into nothing more than a money making machines.
  4. All that matters in sports is winning.
  5. Drugs like Cannabis should be legalized.
  6. Prostitution as an industry should be legalized and regulated.
  7. Euthanasia or medically assisted suicide should be legalized.
  8. Contraception has resulted in promiscuity becoming commonplace.
  9. Genetic engineering as a way to achieve Godliness.
  10. The benefits of Nuclear energy outweigh the risks involved.
  11. An essay giving your opinion on Capital punishment.
  12. With divorce rates soaring, marriage has become an outdated institution.
  13. The right of Homosexual couples to adopt children.
  14. Freedom of speech is nothing but an illusion.
  15. With a following of about one-third of the global population, the role of the Pope is significant in current sociopolitical decisions.
  16. The battle against climate change is a losing one.
  17. The benefits of a gap year between school and college or an undergraduate and postgraduate term far outweigh the price.
  18. Celebrities sacrificed their entitlement to a private life the day they put on the crown of stardom.
  19. Students should be allowed to carry mobile or cell phones to school.
  20. An essay discussing the importance of teaching Sexual education to children in schools.
  21. Conventional education should no longer be necessary in achieving a moderate if not higher standard of life.
  22. Minors who commit serious or violent crimes should be treated and sentenced as adults.
  23. Classic literature no longer has a place in modern society.

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