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How To Write An Essay On A Short Story In An Hour

If you need to write a short story in a relatively short space of time, such as an hour, then you may be wondering how to go about things. Ultimately, you should be aware of various things to help you get the work done, with some guidelines and suggestions outlined below.

Planning your story before you start writing

If you only have an hour, then you will not necessarily be able to spend too much time planning your story or thinking of ideas. Nevertheless, it can make the writing process far more efficient if you have some kind of structure put in place before you start; therefore, you should spend at least a few minutes thinking of how you want your story to proceed.

Ultimately, you should put together a brief outline of how the story will take place, including the opening section, the middle section, and a conclusion. You may also wish to highlight any characters that you might include, as well as any specific characteristics relating to those characters.

It can be useful to decide how many paragraphs you wish to use as part of your story. For example, you may use two paragraphs for each of the three sections of your story. As a result, you will then know how long you can spend on each of the paragraphs - if you have spent about five minutes on the planning side of things, then that will give you a roughly eight minutes to write each of the remaining paragraphs.

Allowing time to check the work

You may be thinking that you have more than eight minutes to write the paragraphs, based on the scenario outlined above; however, you need to allow time to check what you have written. Ultimately, you will not necessarily be able to write a particularly detailed or long story; so you will probably only need about five minutes to check the work.

Coming up with ideas

Hopefully, you will already have some ideas in mind, as this will speed things up hugely. However, if you do not have any ideas in mind, then you may wish to think about any interesting things that happened to you recently, or any relevant stories that you can use for inspiration. In fact, as well as using stories that you have read, you can even use films or TV shows for ideas.

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