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Writing Lessons: What Is A Synthesis And Response Essay?

In defining what a synthesis and response essay is, it is said to be that type of academic paper where you are expected to make a convincing and strong argument towards a given issue or topic. Being a synthesis paper, your tutor expects you to gather your ideas from various sources and use them to create your paper. Such information can be gathered by watching a movie, reading journals and books, or even taking part in a particular activity. Your response should be organized in a logical and easily understandable way. This way, you will have a solid argument for your paper.

Now, the key to successfully writing a great synthesis and response essay would be to know what your tutor expects to see in your paper. With the following tips, you should not have any difficulty in writing your academic paper. Here are the tips:

  • Carry Out A Thorough Research: In order for you to write a strong paper, it is necessary that you carry out a thorough research before you start writing your paper. Whether the paper’s topic is based on a movie, book etc. This is the only way you can gather enough facts for paper.
  • Develop Your Paper’s Thesis: In developing your thesis, you should let your readers get a hint of the direction of your paper. Your thesis should be written in clear and easily-comprehensible language and phrases.
  • Create Outline: This is the skeletal work on which the main content of your paper will be based on. When the outline is created, it makes it easier to integrate the content of your academic paper.
  • Pay Attention To The Ideas: The ideas contained in your synthesis and response essay should be closely related. Don’t make the mistake of channelling your attention on the ideas of the author, especially if your paper is based on a book or journal. These ideas should form the body of paragraphs of your academic paper.
  • Include Quotes: In doing this, it is important that you use them in such a way that they are fully integrated into the body of paragraphs, making your paper more authoritative and convincing.
  • Write A Powerful Conclusion: This is where you will summarize your paper’s main thesis. If there are areas that require further exploration, you make that clear and encourage more researches to be carried out in that regard.
  • Proper Format: Your tutor will expect your synthesis and response essay to be properly formatted. This includes the body of work but especially the citation.

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