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Effective Strategies That Helped Me Create An Essay About Food

Writing an essay about food can take plenty of time if you do not know what topic to choose and how to organize your ideas. The following effective strategies helped many students complete their assignments successfully, so stop procrastinating and start working on your paper.

How to Select a Right Topic for Your Essay About Food

Selecting a right topic is a vital part of your success. First of all, your topic should be concise. In other words, it should be narrow enough to be revealed in the scope of your paper. You cannot describe all national cuisines in a 2-page long paper, but it is possible to compare and contrast American and Chinese national cuisines. Of course, you will not be able to cover all the aspects, so focus on the most important nuances.

Another important thing to mention is that you should be interested in a chosen topic. Do not try to impress your professor writing about exotic dishes popular on some Polynesian islands. Probably, you do not care about those fruits and seeds at all and can hardly find those islands on the map. So, keep it simple and ensure that you will be able to find a few interesting facts to share in your essay.

What Tips to Follow to Compose a Strong Essay

The following effective tips are designed to help you organize your ideas and spend less time writing your first draft:

  • Follow these three steps when writing: brainstorm ideas, write everything down, and self-check your draft.
  • Start your essay with a question, quotation, general statement, or an opposite claim. For example, do you have an idea how long it takes to prepare traditional Polish bigos?
  • Compose a thesis statement that presents your point of view. For instance, claim that people should give up cheat meal, as well as they avoid eating fast food.
  • Write at least three body paragraphs with examples, statistics, explanation, and your personal experience. You should show something surprising about the food instead of telling about it.
  • Restate your thesis in the concluding part of your essay. For example, you can sum up how cheat meal is similar to fast food and claim again that it is better to avoid both.

To complete a self-check effectively, pay your attention to the sentence structure, capitalization, tense, punctuation, and spelling. You should reread your paper a few times. Each time you should check for a single element, e.g. check the sentence structure and then reread again to correct spelling mistakes.

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