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7 Great Suggestions On How To Choose The Best Essay Topic

Composing an excellent essay is much easier to do if you start of by choosing an excellent topic. Sadly, there are all too many inappropriate, obscure, dry, boring, over-used and shocking essay topics floating about. We’ve compiled this excellent list of seven great suggestions to help you choose the best essay topic for your next paper.

1. Make a list of potential topics

Before you can choose the best theme for your essay, you need to have a list of potential themes to choose from. So, make a decent list of all the potential themes you can think of for your paper.

2. It must be suitable for the assignment brief

You’ve probably been given this assignment with a brief that contains a few guidelines for you to follow. It’s important that the theme you choose falls well within the mandate of this brief, or you’ll jeopardise your grade.

3. It must be properly researchable

Whichever topic you choose it has to be researchable. You can’t really write a decent essay on a theme that’s so obscure that you can’t find any information about it.

4. It must arouse your passion

If you want to write an amazing paper you must be passionate about your topic, so make sure to choose a theme that does inspire passion or care in you, for whatever reason. Your passion and care will show in the quality of your writing, and your grade should reflect this.

5. It must be interesting for others

In addition to being interesting to you, your essay theme should be of interest to others. Basically, you can’t expect a good grade if your paper makes your teacher fall asleep!

6. It must be novel in some way

People, including teachers, love novelty, so try to choose a novel topic for your essay. Look for something that’s new and fresh, that your teacher probably hasn’t seen before. This may be hard, as your teacher has probably read thousands of papers. Alternatively, try to find a new angle on an old theme.

7. It must not be too shocking or upsetting

For some reason, many students believe that a paper has to be shocking or upsetting to be good. This is not true. In fact, most of these papers are poor quality, because it’s extremely difficult to get the tone of this type of paper correct. Unless you are sure you’ll get the tone just right, rather avoid this type of theme.

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