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Selecting The Right Format For An Argumentative Essay On Environment

It is most important that anybody writing an argumentative essay understands they need to prove their case. It is not dissimilar to a trial in a courthouse where a lawyer is presenting evidence to try and establish the guilt of the person being charged. Your ability to write a convincing argument for the essay depends on two things.

  • The collection of relevant evidence
  • The presentation of this relevant evidence

The right format for your essay will be the tried and tested one where your work is divided into three parts. You will have an introduction at the beginning and a summary at the end and in between these two sections will come your argumentative or fact paragraphs. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. This established format of essay writing is the one to follow.

Getting the format right is one thing but choosing the ideal topic is another. The environment is a subject which is far more in the news today than for previous generations. The issue of global warming alone provokes headlines and articles in all forms of media today. You will not be short of ideas for a topic on the environment and you should follow the adage that your topic is something you like or want to write about.

Establish your thesis statement in your introduction. Make sure that you have at least two and possibly more main points to expand upon in your fact paragraphs. This is an essay where you let the information or the evidence speak for itself. You do not need flowery language. You do not need to make an attempt to convince the reader that what you are trying to prove your essay is in fact correct. Let the facts speak for themselves.

The correct format will allow you to sum up the points you have made in the body of your essay so that the summary is a reinforcement of all that has gone before.

Another vital fact is that your summary does not include new information. You will have listed and argued for your main points in the previous paragraphs. Have your main points in order of priority.

By sticking to the traditional format and collecting evidence pertinent to the thesis statement you make in the introduction, you are well on the way to writing a quality argumentative essay on the environment.

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