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How To Write A 5-Paragraph Reflective Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing an essay is a very commonplace art; only if you handle it in a banal manner. However, if you instill passion and prescience into the piece, the work flies off from the handle and takes a definite exalted form.

The resolute structure

Essays are best carved in 5 paragraphs. The structure allows you to introduce readers with the topic; present a meaty Body and shape a fitting conclusion. You should maintain the integrity through the course of the piece; otherwise reader’s interest may waver.

Here is how you culminate a 5-paragraph reflective essay –

The topic – How involvement in cultural programs sharpened my academic insight

  • The Introduction – You should present your current situation along with the advantageous position you have carved for yourself. From therein, the essay seamlessly goes into the flashback and starts from the period you started your endeavor. The transition has to be managed in a dexterous manner.
  • The Body – You need to utilize the 2nd paragraph to present the problems you faced at paying attention to your academics. Maybe you coveted attention yourself and were not getting any. That is where a dance program came to your rescue.
  • The rescue act – The 3rd paragraph is where you mention the sequential dance forms and performances where you excelled at. Here, you not only won admirers but riveting attention as well. You also came close to a number of scholars who were now quite amenable to help you with your academic problems.
  • The core strength – Move from there to the strategy you now planned to get better in academics. Mention a few ideas you gained in the process. Be frank about the initial failures and roadblocks you faced while following the suggestions. Remember that the essay will move from problem to solution in a linear way; not the other way round.
  • Proper culmination – Conclude with a clear declaration about how you have become more perspicacious, diligent, perseverant and focused. Make readers realize how participation in cultural program actually triggered your overall rise. This will allow students in your situation to follow their dreams and be focused about it.

Keep it your story

Remember that your essay is a reflection on your academic growth in one way or other. Do not necessarily gloat about someone else’s story all the way even as you sit in the sidelines. Fictional pieces will do fine for that kind of an arrangement; thank you very much.

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