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12 Unique Essay Topics About Music And Its Influence On The World

All teenagers love music, so it will be a real pleasure to write about it. Since you were little you have your favorite songs and artists, and you get in a special mood when you listen to certain lyrics. If you don’t know what topic to choose for your essay about music, take a look at these ideas:

  1. National anthems. You can choose any anthem, as long as you analyze it and discuss with others about it. You will notice that a simple sentence can bring tears in the eyes of people, and feelings of patriotism for everyone.
  2. A revolution song. You can get inspired from the songs that were popular in Eastern Europe in 1990, after people escaped from communism.
  3. Your favorite song. You can talk about it and why it means to much for you.
  4. Music in different cultures. While some people think that we can talk to God through music, others use it as a form of communication.
  5. Music therapy. How can we heal people with music? How effective it is when it comes to teenagers?
  6. How can we bring people together with songs? For example, try to imagine what would happen if you could convince all your neighborhood to sing a song together; for sure they would be much more friendly after that.
  7. The most famous songs of the century. You can have a very interesting presentation, not to mention that making research will be a piece of cake. Bring your MP3 with you and present to your class the most popular songs of the century.
  8. Musical instruments. What are the oldest instruments ever found? How come people learned how to use them thousands of years ago?
  9. Modern music. What impact songs have nowadays over teenagers? Do you think they are influenced by the lyrics?
  10. Can music motivate people to hate? Do you think that people can hate on something without a specific reason, but only because they are influenced by a certain song?
  11. Analyze a famous songs and the meaning behind the lyrics.
  12. Using music in a political campaign. Many politicians create their own campaign songs and they end up becoming very popular with this. People are attracted by the song and they share it with their friends without even realizing that they are promoting a candidate. What do you think about this?

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