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The Top 15 Easy Topics For Your Next Argumentative Essay

It is not very easy coming up with an argumentative essay, especially if you do not know some of the best titles that you can use for this task. In most cases, students tend to pay more attention to the research work that they can do for this task, while neglecting the importance of a strong title to get their paper on the right path.

This is as grave a mistake as you will ever make in the course of your experience as a student. You must realize that a strong paper will only be effective if you have a good title to go with it. Without that, everything else will be futile. Herein are some sample topics that you can argue about.

  1. Discuss why Apple devices are considered the best in the market
  2. Discuss the major differences between Android, BB and iOS operating systems for smartphones
  3. Discuss how man has contributed to global climate change
  4. Justify or criticize fairness with respect to the election system
  5. College standardized tests are a waste of time; discuss
  6. Discuss the benefits of paternity leave
  7. In your opinion, should lotteries be run or abolished?
  8. Discuss why curfews end up causing more damage and harm than the crisis they are supposed to avert
  9. Many people have asserted in the past that computers are here to stay, and will replace the human workforce. Discuss, citing relevant examples
  10. How far can parents go to ensure that their kids are safe from internet predators?
  11. Discuss the effectiveness of the designated smoking zones
  12. Law enforcement cameras are supposed to protect us from hooligans and other law breakers. Discuss how this noble mission ends up turning into a major invasion of privacy
  13. Parents are losing touch with their children in their pursuit of better lives and career challenges. Discuss with relevant examples
  14. Discuss how changing times in society have led to a paradigm shift in the conventional role of men and women in society
  15. Access to condoms: does it encourage teenage pregnancy or does it reduce the chances of teenage pregnancy?

These are really interesting topics that you can work on, interesting ones too, which should help you get the best marks for your work. As is the case with any other task that you will do so far, make sure that you invest a lot of time into research for this work.

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