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Choosing An Essay Topic On Brave New World

The topic ‘Brave New World’ encompasses several themes in it. This novel assists the students with specific fresh concepts. When you are supposed to choose a topic ensure that it is juxtaposition of cultures and talks about peace and happiness despite of the situation people are living in.

Tips to choose a unique topic on Aldous Huxley’s novel ‘Brave New World” Check some criteria-

  1. The topic should seem interesting as soon as the reader have a glance on it.
  2. It should be vast enough so that it meets your word count criteria.
  3. The essay should sound informative.
  4. It should be a mix and match of emotions that people are engrossed in.
  5. It should follow a style of writing. For example check if you are asked to write in narrative style, argumentative style, descriptive style, expository style or persuasive style.
  6. Furthermore, follow the format of writing as in first write the introduction, then the body and finally the conclusion at end. Body should be supported with strong evidences while Introduction should be made interesting by giving facts and theories and should be written at the end. Conclusion should be short and crisp and should not include anything new.
  7. Before you start writing an essay, ensure that you have read the book thrice so that all the concepts are clear in your mind. Prepare notes along.

Check out some interesting titles on the topic-

  1. Compare various characters and write a comparative view so that things are clear in audience’s mind.
  2. Which is your favorite chapter in the novel- “Brave New World” and why? Write strong reasons in support of your answer.
  3. How this novel can be made better? Write comments on it.
  4. Write some other interesting title for the book.
  5. Why you want to modify the title?
  6. Do you want to introduce some other exhilarating, suspicious or interesting character in the novel? How it will turn the story line?
  7. Which is the most interesting line in the novel? Why you are so influenced by it?
  8. Does the book sound too lengthy?
  9. How is the general flow of writing of the book? Is it slow or fast?
  10. Why the audience find the book so interesting. Write all the possible reasons?
  11. Which character is of least significance in the novel? Why you would like to remove it from the story?
  12. Compare the novel- Brave New World with the novel ‘1984’ written by George Orwell.

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