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5 Ideas For Your Comparative Essay About The Kite Runner And Hamlet

You are required to create a comparative essay about the kite Runner and Hamlet consider the ideas below:

  1. The first idea is that both of the main character separate tragedy which results from the world that they created for themselves but in spite of these tragedies they end up finding redemption.

  2. The second idea is that both characters in the kite Runner and Hamlet do not act until somebody pushes them to act but it is this exact lack of any action which contributes to their suffering.

  3. The third ideas of the conflict that takes place between father and son is what causes suffering.

  4. The fourth idea is that both main characters betray all the other characters and as a result they end up in tragedy.

  5. The idea is that men who acts are reported that those were men of inaction will suffer tragedy. Those two hesitate in making their decisions will suffer but those who are unconditionally helpful and brave, who sacrifice and take action will be rewarded.

Whatever you decide to be the focus of your particular piece it is important that you note the purpose of the comparative essay. With this comparative essay you have to compare these two written works in some degree or another you might compare your positions on an issue presented with in the two works, two figures within the two works, or two events that took place within the two works. It is important that you answer any questions presented in your instructions and that you make a list of all the similarities and the differences so that you can better think critically about the two items you want to compare. If you choose to compare two events in both written works you need to contrast the events as well so that you can see how they stand out together and apart. Once you have listed these items it is important that you develop your thesis.

After you have your thesis you have to come up with the appropriate structure which can be a point by point structure where you present one point followed by another or it can be an alternating structure where you alternate between each of the two works and focus on one similarity in the kite Runner and one similarity in hamlet followed by another similarity in the kite Runner and another similarity in Hamlet.

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