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A List Of 24 Attention-Grabbing Descriptive Essay Topics

A descriptive essay is very much as it sounds, in that it should describe a particular topic. As a result, when it comes to thinking of topics to write about, you have a wide range of choice.

If you are writing such an essay for an English class, then it may be that you have not been set any particular theme or genre to write about – as the aim might be to test your writing skills, as opposed to your knowledge of a subject; however, if writing for other subjects, such as geography, then it may be that you have to describe something relating to that subject, such as a volcano or river.

If you have completely free rein when it comes to picking a topic then you will inevitably want to pick something that is particularly interesting, as well as something that will be quite easy to write about. One of the great things about writing a descriptive essays that you do not necessarily need to carry out a great deal of research, as long as you pick a topic that you are particularly knowledgeable or aware of; in fact, you may even decide to pick a topic that is particularly personal to you and, therefore, you may not even be able to do any additional research.

Choosing abstract ideas

In order to make your piece of work particularly attention grabbing, it can be a good idea to try and think of less conventional ideas. For example, rather than describing a physical item, you may even wish to describe something more abstract, such as a feeling, a concept, and ideology, or a state of mind. In order to give you some further ideas about any abstract topics that you could use, as well as some physical things, you may wish to read the list below.

  1. Describe the feeling of turbulence whilst flying
  2. Describe the feeling of intoxication
  3. Describe a hangover
  4. Describe your worst nightmare
  5. Describe procrastination
  6. Describe boredom
  7. Describe loneliness
  8. Describe paranoia
  9. Describe extrasensory perception
  10. Describe what a desert is
  11. Describe break dancing
  12. Describe a panoramic view
  13. Describe an impressive piece of architecture
  14. Describe your perfect day
  15. Describe your dream wedding day
  16. Describe your first memory
  17. Describe the feeling of déjà vu
  18. Describe a reflection
  19. Describe hunger
  20. Describe your closest friend
  21. Describe your parents
  22. Describe a foreign language
  23. Describe morning chorus
  24. Describe a rainbow

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