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A Complete Guide To Writing An Essay On Drug Addiction

Drug addiction and drug peddling seem to be quite a favourite topic for examiners as college and university level students are often asked to write on these topics. If you have been assigned to write an essay on drug addiction, here’ s a step-by-step guide for you write it perfectly and score high in your exams.

  • Start with generic statements
  • It goes without saying that drug addiction is detrimental for an individual (the addict), his or her family and the society as a whole. You should, therefore, start writing with some generic information and substantiate your arguments with real facts and figures. You need to identify drug addiction as a social disease and give reasons to fight it collectively. After that, you may write on government policies and the impacts.

  • Use case studies
  • For writing an essay on drug addiction, which is also termed as white plague in some societies, you need to depict the real life incidents of the victims. You may do your research by actually visiting the addicts at rehabilitation centres. If that seems too time-consuming, one easy way to use case studies is to look up the web which is replete with thousands of case studies on drug addicts and the impacts in society.

  • Use government data and data from other authentic sources
  • One major mistake that college-level students commit while writing academic papers on social issues is that they forget to use authentic data. You should visit government portals and other authentic sources on the internet to find relevant data. Always try to use latest data. You can also draw comparisons between different survey reports published at different times to show how the situation has changed over the years. Bear in mind that using statistical data is of immense importance for writing a perfect academic paper on this topic.

  • Format your academic paper correctly
  • Many students are not aware of the fact that correct formatting is also a requirement for scoring high in exams. If you have got the information you need for writing an academic paper on this topic, you should focus on formatting your piece correctly because correct formatting can help you score higher in exams.

Solicit professional help if you are not very sure whether you can write a good academic paper on drug addiction. There are numerous academic writing agencies that offer remote assistance to students who are facing problems while writing academic papers on topics they are not very familiar with.

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