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Writing An Excellent 500-Word Essay On King Arthur

Essays have been the most important part of our childhood. You have started to build your base on the basis of these formats of write ups. It has allowed of potentially increasing the standard of our writing and that to not only in one sphere but in many. The different genres of essays talk about descriptive one, argumentative one, expository one, compare and contrast one, profile ones and much more. The list is endless as the format of write ups is endless. We gained knowledge about all this formats of write up from essays.

Descriptive write ups are much easier to write about if you have ample knowledge and ideas about the topic. Here you have been asked to write on the great historic figure King Arthur. So you need to have all the basic information that you can gather to write down about him. The better and enriched information you will collect the better will your work be. You need to go through libraries and read some books about legendary Arthur. Well it won’t be first person directives descriptive write up. It will be a third person directive narrative write up.

How to compose a 500 word essay about King Arthur?

Let us begin with all the information and the necessary structure required to form a descriptive/narrative work. You need to devote a lot of time to come up with nice work:

  • The first thing to do is to collect a lot of information from history books and note them down in a separate piece of paper. You will need them at times of writing your paper. Try to collect unique yet interesting news. For that you might have to Google King Arthur. Try to get lot of information about his life and kingdom.
  • Make an outline of what to write and where to write. A 500 word essay needs to be managed in a perfect way so that everything is given in equal proportions. You cannot prolong your introduction and shorten your conclusion. So for that you will need an outline.
  • Try to write an unfulfilled introduction so that people would want to quench their thirst to know more by reading the entire work. You have to be good in manipulating people’s thought.
  • Write two paragraphs of body each of 120-130 words. Make it enriched with classy information so that people respect the hard work that you have shown in your research.
  • End with the tightest conclusion so that people ponder over King Arthur even hours after reading.

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