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A Step-By Step Guide On Creating A Short Philosophical Essay

What is a philosophical essay?

It is an essay in which the writer takes a defense over some claim. This essay must present an argument. Your personal opinions do not matter, so avoid presenting them here. It is all about defending the claims that you make. Since you want the reader to believe in your claims, you must offer reasons too. This article offers a guidance that you can follow when you want to come up with a good short philosophical essay.

How to create a short philosophical essay

  • Choose a question or topic
  • Sometimes you may not be offered a question. In other instances, you may be given a topic. It is you to draft the question. Think of topics which you are passionate about. This will make it easy for you.

  • Think of how you will answer the actual question
  • The question will drive you to think in a certain way. When you have been given a quote then asked to discuss, try to figure out if the question requires you to discuss the quote or give an explication. Find out if you should write about what the philosopher means by the quote. Then think of how to involve the reader by discussion on the issue, and if the reader too should agree with it.

  • Make coherent arguments
  • As you write, try to bring out an argument. Avoid stating your opinion. In case you provide your opinion, it has to be carefully argued. Whatever you write, it should indicate that you have considered various proposed theories. Don’t force yourself to provide a solid conclusion.

    You need to be aware of the difference between a theological paper, a scientific paper and a philosophical essay. It is not about saying a philosophy was wrong or right; instead, use it to imagine other things.

  • Structure your essay
  • Other than just thinking of the usual beginning, middle and end, ensure that your essay can be read easily. It should also be coherent and well structured.

    Don’t just string a number of quotes together. Ensure that all quotes that you use serve some purpose in your essay. Do not place any quotes anyhow just to look knowledgeable.

    Any technical or unfamiliar term that you use must be explained

  • Do proper referencing.
  • Use relevant literature to support any claim that you make.

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