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A List Of Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Culture

Culture is defined as shared knowledge, interactions, understanding and behavioral patterns of a group of people. These shared ways of living can range from language, religion to music and arts. When writing about culture, there are quite a bit of topic that could be written about especially when it comes to comparing and contrasting different aspects of culture. Here are a few suggestions about compare and contrast topics relating to culture along with recommendations on how to go about tackling each essay topic.

  • The influence of family vs. the influence of friends
  • Does your family influence the way you act while out in society or is the influence of your friend stronger?

  • The difference between a marriage and a civil union
  • With the changes in the laws of the day, more people are looking into being in civil unions vs. getting marriage. Distinguish the difference between the two and the benefits of both.

  • Influence of African-American culture vs. the influence of Latino culture on society
  • There are so many aspects of African-American and Latino cultures that one cannot help but notice is an inspiring aspect of society. Provide the differences between the two.

  • The influence of celebrities vs. the influence of parents
  • Be sure to touch on the use of social media by teenagers. How does it contradict what parents teach their children?

  • The difference between living on campus and living off campus
  • The college experience is different for those who live on campus and those who live off campus. Compare the benefits of both.

  • The difference between reading and watching movies
  • Some people prefer to read, and others prefer to watch the movie (if there is a movie based on a book), why?

  • Social media influence today vs. ten years ago
  • There has definitely been a rise in social media users. How has that happened? Compare the steady rise and influence on social media today vs. its influence ten years ago.

  • The difference between drinking tea and coffee
  • Today’s society is full of coffee drinkers but with the recent rise in living a healthy lifestyle, tea drinkers are on the rise. Explore the difference between the two.

  • Exercising vs. dieting while trying to lose weight
  • In essence, which is better? Does doing one or the other depend on the individual’s lifestyle?

  • Getting a job vs. getting a higher education
  • With changes happening in society, you notice that people are swayed one way or the other. What pattern is being seen today?

These are just a few topics that could be written about. There are loads more culturally based topics that you can write about. With any writing, make sure what you decide to write is something that you are passionate about.

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