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A List Of Strong Compare And Contrast Essay Writing Prompts For Middle School

Are you faced with the dilemma of composing a list of strong compare and contrast essay writing prompts for middle school? Well, you should not be apprehensive over this as help is definitely here. Before going any further, it is important you understand what this type of academic paper is all about. Just as the name implies, it entails the demonstration of information as regards two or more entities, exhibiting the entities’ similarities and differences. It is that simple. For example, if you wish to buy a mobile phone and you are torn between two different models, all you need to do is compare and contrast the two phones to decide which one to go for.

In carrying out such comparisons, the features of the two or more entities play an important role in determining which one stands out more from the other. Your compare and contrast essay could be on various genres including literature, science, sports, history, religion, technology, public figures, and even geography. On this note, the prompts listed below can help you make a good start in writing your compare and contrast paper. They are as follows:

  • In public figures, you can compare and contrast Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama
  • In technology, you can write about Infrared and Bluetooth
  • Under religion, you can discuss Jesus Christianity and Buddhism
  • Under science, you can write on Quantum Physics and Classical Physics
  • In history, The Early Astronauts and Christopher Columbus can make a good compare and contrast essay prompt
  • In technology, Laptop Computers and Desktop Computers are great writing prompts
  • In geography, you can compare and contrast Landslides and Earthquakes
  • Still under technology, you can write a comparison paper on Postal Service and Email Service
  • Another great prompt in history is a compare and contrast paper on Inventions and Discoveries
  • In science, you can discuss Physical Science and Life Science
  • Under literature, you can talk about Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
  • Under sports, you can compare and contrast Basketball and Handball
  • Windows 8 and Mac OS X would make good and strong prompts for middle school comparison papers
  • Under music, you can compare and contrast Ballad and Opera

With these strong compare and contrast essay writing prompts, you are surely on your way to composing a great paper that would take your academic achievements to greater heights.

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