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20 Strong Persuasive Essay Topics About Technology

Writing an essay is not an easy task as some consider. It is a lengthy explanation of a topic as per your choice. Now since a lengthy explanation is being given you need to do research as well. Following topics can be chosen to write about technology.

  • Internet taking over libraries
  • Students prefer researching over Internet more than going to libraries. It’s quicker and easy. Any information is just typing away.

  • Need to be socially desirable
  • Looking at pictures of other children, children develop this urge to be like them. All these social networking sites encourage children to change themselves.

  • Gadgets or outdoor activities
  • Children are more indulged in their video games than going outside and playing.

  • Age to have mobile phones
  • Parents should take care about the age they are giving cell phones to their children. Children may not be ready to handle a responsibility like this at a young age.

  • Weakening of eyesight because of computers
  • Spending long hours in front of TV and computers can affect eyesight of children. This is the reason that why young children today have glasses.

  • Internet a bad influence
  • There is an appropriate age for everything. It is necessary to do things in an age appropriate manner. If children are not checked upon regularly they might learn things that are not appropriate for their age.

  • Internet the reason behind globalization
  • There may be many ill effects about the Internet but there are many good things too. We all are aware about different cultures because of the Internet.

  • Digital learning vs. classroom learning
  • Digital leaning is helpful for the people who cannot give time to studies regularly. Mostly, people who work go for digital learning.

  • A human brain and a computer
  • The similarities and differences between a human brain and a computer can be studied.

  • You cannot touch anybody’s phone these days
  • In todays date you cannot touch anyone’s phone without his or her permission. They may feel annoyed. People are very private about their phones.

  • Dangers of texting while driving
  • The minute a notification comes there’s a sudden urge to answer it as soon as possible. It can be very dangerous in some situations.

  • EBooks or actual books
  • The fun of turning pages is not known to children of today. They would rather read books on their tabs.

Hence, All these topics can be very interesting to write upon.

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