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How To Write A Thesis Statement For An Essay: 7 Tips To Keep In Mind

A thesis statement is the one or two-sentence-long statement that will point out the extract of your research. It is basically the answer to the question “What do you want to prove with this paper” .

In order to create a winning thesis statement, you will have to keep a few concerns in your mind. It is important to note that this is not a mandatory part of your essay. Some students like to write a thesis statement for their own ease while others may have the specification from their teacher to include it. This article will help you create a winning statement by keeping some basic tips in mind. However, you can order custom thesis writing online if you still find it difficult to write the paper yourself.

Effective tips to keep in mind while writing a thesis statement

  1. It is a statement of argument not a fact
  2. The first and most important thing you should keep in mind is that this statement is not a general fact or a thing of common knowledge. Your statement should highlight an argument so that the rest of the paper can build upon why this is the best argument for your paper. Avoid choosing sentences that are generally agreed upon or universal facts.

  3. It should be precise
  4. The other important thing about this statement is that it needs to be brief and precise. Do not go on writing long sentences that will cause confusion or confliction in your reader’s mind. Keep your statement as precise as possible so that it points out the most relevant and main extract of your paper.

  5. The statement must answer a question
  6. The question should be what is focus of your paper or what do you want to achieve with this research. Do not write a statement that does not answer this main question in your assignment.

  7. The statement needs to be clear and bold
  8. This is possible only if you have a clear idea in your mind. Try to have a rough draft of the main idea of your paper in your mind so that you can write it in clear words in your statement.

  9. Include it by the end of your introduction paragraph
  10. When you include a thesis statement, it should come by the end of your introduction paragraph after presenting the topic.

  11. Find a problem that you want to address

  12. Find a proposed solution to this problem

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