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4 Suggestions On How To Write An Effective Conclusion For An Essay

Why an effective essay conclusion is essential?

Conclusion of an essay is as important as its introductory paragraph. The conclusion must give the reader a sense of completeness and contentment. Many a times, the writer of the essay assumes that a mere summarization is enough for a concluding paragraph. But in order to excel, the conclusion has to be another ballgame.

Four suggestions for impressive essay conclusion

  • Don’t sound doubtful about your own article
  • This happens if you are not much aware about your own topic. You have just put the pieces together by sourcing materials from here and there. So when the conclusion comes, you might feel to write down such a line that ‘there can be other better ways to handle this argument’ or something like that. Whether your article is persuasive or informative, till the very end it should stick to its true identity. In conclusion also, you need re-emphasis that- there can’t be any better argument than yours on this topic. To avoid the snare, don’t present an altogether new point in the conclusion.

  • Get back to the origin
  • If you have started off your article by incorporating a startling fact, quotation, word or line in the introductory paragraph, then at the end you can again use it. But do keep it in mind that- the language should be fresh and not a mere summary. Ex- suppose you are writing an article about the influence of Virginia Woolf’s ‘ A room of one’s own’ over feminist writings and stated in the introduction, the famous quote from the book that a woman must have money and her own room in order to write fiction. During the process of wrapping up, you can declare that- how the strive of feminist authors still resonate with this quote.

  • Avoid using some clichéd phrases
  • More than half of the writers conclude by using phrases like- ‘to sum up the discussion’, ‘in conclusion’ and so on. This approach has become really outdated and appears as if the reader doesn’t know that the last part of an article is called the ‘conclusion’. These phrases go well in verbal-conversations but not in written format.

  • Conclusion should be in simple language
  • Don’t use flowery language or complex synonyms in the conclusion. Sentences with one-syllable words or compound nature are the best to replicate a minimalistic –yet-powerful effect. You can also slip in certain quotation from primary or secondary references to make a punch. But do keep it in mind that the last line must be yours.

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