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Collection Of Hand-Picked Essay Topics For Ethics Class

Ethics is a tricky subject and most students do not understand how to go about finding the right topic to write an essay on due to the subjective nature of the topics. Most of the content leaves room for interpretation and it can often become tedious for students to tie up loose ends. However, there are a couple of topics that are more manageable and enable students to come up with a decent essay due to the widespread availability of related material. They are presented below and you should take a look if you wish to get ahead your peers.

List of hand-picked ethics topics

  • Understanding the dichotomy present in the concepts of moral and non-moral issues
  • Is it acceptable to let our conscience dictate which actions can be deemed morally wrong?
  • How far should reason shape our actions on a daily basis?
  • Is there any evidence to suggest the existence of some sort of universal moral guidelines that are applicable to every person at every point in their lives?
  • Is divine will a plausible cause to act morally on an everyday basis?
  • How does our morality lead us down the path to happiness?
  • Understanding the effects morality has on the overall wellbeing of a particular society
  • Explaining the differences between intrinsic good and instrumental good in the context of human morality
  • Is it right to categorise pleasure as an intrinsic good?
  • In the process of fulfilling your desires, what would be your course of action if your morality prevented you from achieving the same? Would you continue with your goal so near your sights or would you refrain from pursuing the matter further?
  • Would you consider the fulfilment of your desires to be intrinsic good?
  • Practicality of Bentham's hedonistic calculus. Does it have any uses in real life?
  • How do you feel about the term - “Socrates dissatisfied better than a pig satisfied”? Do you agree?
  • Would you consider happiness to be the sum total of personal pleasures?
  • Should pleasure be treated as a side-product of activity?
  • Discuss the tautological significance of psychological egoism
  • Are the actions of all human beings motivated in an unconscious manner and due to their ego?
  • Refuting personal ethical egoism
  • Relation between biology and ethics
  • Should ethical egoism be considered a complete theory?
  • How is the study of ethics relevant in the modern society?
  • What sort of doubts exists among the academic community regarding the validity of ethics?

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