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How To Write The Conclusion Paragraph For Your Opinion Essay About Alcohol

An opinion essay is a relatively tougher assignment as compared to informative, expository, narrative, or comparative writings. This is because your paper will involve your personal observation and affiliation, which can be quite risky. Even when you are interested to discuss a subject and show your opinion about it, you have to be critical because you do not want to confuse or misguide your audience. For example, you may have a bad experience living in university hostels but it may actually be a good thing in several other ways. You have to make sure that whatever opinion you give about the subject, you have enough evidence to support and emphasize it throughout the rest of your assignment. If you wish to create a winning paper about alcohol and need some guidance in summarizing it, then this article will be helpful for you

  • The conclusion of your paper
  • The conclusion of your paper should be well structured and planned because it acts as a transit between you and the reader from your ideas back to his world. You have to make sure that you leave your reader with a long lasting and a good impression at this stage. If you fail to create an excellent conclusion then the rest of your efforts for the assignment will be in vain. This is critical because it will be the last thing your reader will see from you so it needs to be balanced, precise, well thought and well put

  • Avoid being repetitive
  • Students often mistake the word summarizing with repeating themselves. A summary means that you have to write down the major points of the paper in a way that they support your thesis and emphasis the larger significance of your paper. You do not simply have to rewrite what you have already written but show why and how it matters

  • Never introduce any ideas at this stage
  • The last thing you want to do is confuse your readers with new ideas or introduce them with a new direction in the ending paragraph

  • Suggest an action or pose a question
  • It is a good strategy to leave a long lasting impression on your readers and give them some food for thinking

  • Restate without being redundant
  • Restate your thesis statement but do not sound redundant and try adding value to your paper

  • End on a clear and concise note
  • This goes without saying though

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