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Helpful Instructions On How To Write An Essay About Someone Who Inspires You

I always find that these kind of essays are a joy to write. Rather than being stuck with a topic that you despise you actually get to write about your hero or heroine. In terms of motivation there shouldn’t be any problem in knuckling down to the task ahead. The scope of work calls for you to pick the person yourself, so you are also in a rare situation of not being dictated to by your teacher.

This is your opportunity to shine. However, with that opportunity can sometimes come pressure as students feel the need to do justice to the person that inspires them the most. So, if you are in danger of being a little too awestruck, sit back and relax because I’ve got it covered! Here’re my helpful instructions on how to write an essay about someone who inspires you:

  • Is there enough information to write about them?
  • It is all very well and good having a role model that you look up to. However, before you jump in the deep end and start writing about them you need to seriously consider whether there is enough information about them to make the essay viable. You have several options:

    • The person is known to you
    • The information is readily available on the internet
    • There is easy availability of information in text-books
  • Look for a unique angle
  • If you are writing about someone famous then chances are you won’t be the first person to have chosen to write about them. Be wary of trotting out essays that are too similar to those that have already been written. Try and find a unique angle to cover, for example:

    • Their motivations
    • Their family life (If it is not widely reported)
  • Don’t be sycophantic
  • It is very easy when writing about someone that you admire to sound sycophantic. You can still admire someone and accept that they have flaws. Everyone is human. Your teacher will be inundated with hero-worship essays, make sure that you portray your subject for the person that they really are rather than the one that their fans always see.

  • Why do they inspire you?
  • This is an obvious one to overlook but whatever you do, make sure that you remember to include the reasons why they inspire you. It is very easy to simply write a bio about the person without addressing the original scope of work.

    Good luck!

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