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Choosing Funny Problem Solution Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school students have the funniest senses of humor. Since they are caught in that world between elementary school and high school, they can still laugh at truly silly things. They still enjoy having fun and working hard, so they are willing to write essays about funny things. Here are some ideas for problem-solution essay topics that will make middle school students chuckle and smile:

  • How to make the lunch line move faster without getting any new lunch ladies.
  • Help your teachers come up with funny ways to answer the phone when it rings during class.
  • What should teachers do when the WiFi goes down during class?
  • What should be done with students who have overdue library books?
  • What should be done with students who do not bring their gym clothes?
  • What should you do when you want pizza for dinner, but your mom has made something healthy instead?
  • What should teachers do for students who cannot stay in their seats?
  • What can be done to get more students involved in extra-curricular activities?
  • What can you do if your parents still think you believe in the tooth fairy?

Take Time to Define Humor

When students are given assignments to write about funny things, funny things need to be defined. In today’s world, funny things are often rather offensive because they insult people. When teachers assign funny topics, those topics need to be about situations that are funny, not about the people involved. For example, if students are going to write about what to with students who have overdue library books, the solutions should involve ideas that do not hurt people, but things that might be embarrassing - like making students recite a pledge to return books on the school’s video feed. Students who do not bring their gym clothes should not be forced to participate in gym class naked - because that would not be funny. But, instead, maybe students have to wear silly shoes that the gym teacher has collected over the years.

Use the Essay Topics to Make Real Changes

Problem-solution essay topics for middle school students need to be about things they know. In most cases, they are acutely aware of what is going on in their schools. They like to have a say in what needs to be fixed and students often have fresh ideas that are worth listening to. Assigning a problem-solution essay in a middle school class can be a positive influence on any school that is looking for student input on real problems that the school is facing.

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