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How To Create A Good Introduction For An Illustration Essay On Capital Punishment

Writing on capital punishment is challenging to say the least. Given the nature of the issues, you will have to be very careful and write according to the sensitivity of the topic. There are so many ways that the essay can go wrong. However when you are writing an illustration essay the ordeal becomes much easier as you will have to simply withhold the two sides of the story and not take part in the debate. Here are a few tips on how you can come up with a good introduction for your paper.

Importance of the introduction

The introduction is the first thing that the reader will notice once they start reading. It has to be impressive and pique the reader’s interest. This way the reader will be engaged and finish the paper. If you want your reader to read till the end, make your introduction interesting. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression, even when it is not entirely true, you cannot expect someone to read your paper if it has the same age old points they have read a hundred times over. Here is how you will be able to write a better introduction.

Tips on writing introduction to an illustration essay:

  • Start with the inverted pyramid format i.e. where you give the most important information in the beginning. This way the reader is attracted and starts reading. This is also called a hook. The right hook will make the reader read till the end.
  • The introduction should clearly define the topic and in this case the cause and effect of capital punishment. You can also write on the various reasons which lead to capital punishment.
  • You will have to be clear in your approach. Illustrate the various ways capital punishment has been meted out to convicts and its effect on the victim’s family or victim.
  • There should be consistency ion the introduction. You do not want to give any abrupt transitions as it will disorient the readers. The flow should be smooth and effective. Do not jump from one image to another, make the reader a part of the process and then the transition will be effortless and the reader will be at the end before they k now it.
  • Always proofread what you have written to eliminate any mistakes.

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