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Helpful Guidelines On Descriptive Essay Outline Writing

One of the first styles of composition that is taught is the descriptive piece. It has an easier format and can be a lot of fun. If the teacher lets the student pick his or her own topic, then it can be fun!

If your teacher assigns you this style of paper, then you will need some simple guidelines on how to make your outline. Use our tips to help you!

Helpful Guidelines: Descriptive Essay Outlines

  • Find out if the teacher will collect it, and if the teacher does, then you will need to know if it going to be a topic or a sentence style.
  • It will go through many changes, and this is a good thing. Your re-writes will bring you close to a detailed road map that you can use as you write.
  • Find a template from a qualified person that you can use as a guide while you write.
  • Include all of your quotes and citations on it. This will make writing it easier for you.
  • Keep copies of all of these documents that you have written, so you will have models to refer to as you write in the future.
  • Make sure to include a definition or a description of the subject in the piece.
  • Define any important words that your audience may not understand.
  • If you have an I, then you need an II. If you have a 1, you must have a 2. And if you have an a., you must then have a b.
  • A sample topic outline may look like the following. It should be more detailed, but this is a nice skeleton piece to follow.

A Descriptive Essay on Giving a Speech

Thesis statement: A speech needs to be informative, entertaining, and easy to understand.

  1. Introduction
    • Hook
    • Background
      1. Speeches in Ancient Greek
      2. Famous Speakers
      3. A definition of the word speech
    • Thesis Statement
  2. Informative
    • Learning
    • Statistics
    • Quotes
  3. Entertaining
    • Quote: “Public speaker is the number one fear. However, all people have to do it at one time or another”(Smith 12).
  4. Easy to understand
  5. Conclusion

This is not a very detailed example, but one can tell what the basic format is by simply glancing at it. It is a good idea to keep the sample beside you as you write.

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