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Important Guidelines For Writing An Illustration Essay

Every time you have to write a new essay you get worried. What if you will not be able to handle it? Well, when it comes to this particular type there’s no need to worry. The illustration essay is one of the easiest ones and you can complete it in only a few days. You can choose as topic almost anything. Do you want to talk about gun control? No problem. About a new book that appeared on the market? Even better. Just follow these guidelines and you will be great:

  • Choose a suitable topic. In this kind of composition you need to use arguments, examples or analogies to prove a certain point. This can be absolutely anything as long as your classmates are interested in it. If they fall asleep while you write your essay your professor will not be so impressed. Usually if you are passionate about a particular idea you will be able to expose it in a very engaging way.
  • Think about what you want to prove. You want to emphasize a certain idea, right? Well, you have to know it before you start writing.
  • Write an outline. This is a great way to organize all the information so you will not miss an important part. Since you have to use many arguments and analogies in this composition, it’s easy to forget one or two of them. Make sure that the outline is done perfectly because it will serve as a structure for your essay. Create a few chapters and name each one of them in suggestive way.
  • Compose the first draft. This will be the most time consuming step of the entire process. Do not worry about mistakes at this point. You will have plenty of time to correct them later. Just write without thinking too much and analyze every idea until you are sure that your idea is exposed in a clear way for anyone. Facts, quotations or references can help you in this time.
  • Edit and correct everything. After you are sure that the content is perfect, you can edit it and correct any mistake that you might have made. At this step you will also adjust the font, the edges, the title page and other similar details. You can ask your professor to take a look at it before you submit it.

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