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How To Come Up With Interesting Essay Topic Ideas For Middle School

Choosing an interesting topic at the middle school can be rather stressful. There are various aspects that influence the selection of the topic. First of all, it should be mentioned that kids at the middle school just start learning to write essays. They have recently learned how to write separate paragraphs and now they have to find out how to put their ideas on paper as huge texts.

Yes, it can be hard, but writing about something interesting and new can turn a whole writing process into an interesting game. What factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a topic for a middle school student? The following aspects have the strongest influence on students’ attitudes toward writing.

  • Decide on the style of the essay.
  • There are multiple styles of the essay: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, argumentative, comparative etc. Each style should correspond to the student’s age and skills. You can’t expect that a middle school student will write some serious scientific text. Be adequate with demands.

  • Offer the topics that will be interesting to the students.
  • If a student likes the topic, he or she will write about it with pleasure. Try to select the theme that will reflect kid’s interests. The writing process will run more smoothly and effectively. In addition, an interesting topic will encourage the kid to dig deeper into the theme to gather more information.

  • Find the questions of the work that correspond to the student’s level of knowledge.
  • The topic cannot include the questions that are unfamiliar to the student. The kid can start hating to write texts because he or she doesn’t understand what to do. Make sure that the student has the proper skills to write the work.

  • Find the topics that describe the points vital for the whole community.
  • Kids are learning the rules of the society. It is worth writing about something that deals with community problems or some eternal questions. Mind that at an early stage of the middle school students should write essays about their everyday problems as they are not used to describing some global problems.

  • State the questions clearly.
  • The points that should be described in the text should be easy for understanding without causing any confusion. A well-described task increases the chances of good writing because it will serve as a plan for further work with the material.

  • Let the student think creatively.
  • Talk to the kid and listen to his or her writing ideas. The initiative leads to success so it’s a good idea to praise a child for independent thoughts.

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