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Top 12 History Essay Topics For Middle School Students

A history essay can be an interesting assignment for middle school students. There are various topics to choose from but one with the most interest will make the process easier. You can choose from various ideas by using resources including textbooks, history websites and even people you know that can recall important events in history. To ensure you find a good essay topics to write about take your time doing research and make a list of ideas that stand out the most. Here are some tips on developing a good idea along with possible ideas for middle school students.

Tips on Choosing a Good Essay Idea

Many students may find a subject of this matter to be boring, but it is up to you to make things interesting. Finding something interesting to write an essay about can have its challenges. Your idea needs to have a strong thesis statement or main idea you can prove thoroughly with good details. Your idea should help you write a full length paper or whatever the estimated word count required. Brainstorming can help you break down a broad idea and turn it into something you can focus on. Read papers written by other students for additional inspiration.

12 Essay Ideas to Encourage Your Own Unique Topics

There are ideas online through trusted homework help sites for reference. A list of ideas can help inspire original essay ideas of your own. Keep in mind content your instructor expects to see from you. Choose ideas that can help you meet academic expectations without experiencing too much stress. Many ideas act as writing prompts to encourage you to explore the concept further. When considering raw essay ideas using brief ideas such as the following can offer another perspective on how to develop an interesting paper.

  1. How slavery ended in the U.S.
  2. American culture development in the south.
  3. What led to the Civil War?
  4. How is WWI and WWII similar? (World War I and World War 2)
  5. The Great Depression.
  6. The first stock market crash.
  7. When women were not allowed to vote.
  8. What caused the Cold War?
  9. First president to be impeached.
  10. Interview with a war veteran or someone who experienced a unique moment in history.
  11. The Battle of the Bulge.
  12. The Civil Rights Movement.

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