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Writing A Strong Persuasive Essay On Quitting Smoking

Writing a persuasive essay tinkers with all your creative bones if you really want to cut a good deal with it. You have to phonetically present your perspective and in the same vein leave space for the readers to fancy their own ideas about the matter.

Let’s take a positive example – Should you quit smoking or not?

  • Now, of course, you can take both sides of the coin in your persuasive essay but the idea of encouraging smoking is, one must admit, rather outlandish. Therefore, we should go by the easy lay and criticize the habit.
  • Now, you have to first give the devil of the smoking habit its due. Your writing prompt may be like; “Even as the kill-stick devours millions and takes them slowly but surely to their coffins, the habit continues to grow and suffuse the conscience.” This will be followed by related words to sum up the introduction.
  • Your second paragraph may be about the origins of the habit and how one catches it; from friends, from an addicted family, getting stuck up on a cursory puff; affinity for the vapor. Keep the paragraph short and lines concise.
  • Your third essay paragraph should present the vital fact that although it accords a sense of ownership and vitality to the smoker, if temporarily, what it actually does is makes the smoker vacuous and cut-off in the long run. He begins to lose interest in the little beauties of life and smoking becomes his priority.
  • Your fourth paragraph may relate to the direct and indirect effects of smoking. The health defects that smoking causes cannot be filled within the limit of an essay. You can also shed light on how it affects passive smokers and denigrates the indoor air quality and the environment. How it begins to influence the kids at home is another sharp diatribe.
  • Your final essay paragraph should thus exhort the smoker to quit the habit. He should try not to resort to an alternative and be ready to face temporary adverse symptoms, especially the withdrawal ones. The habit is not only a danger to the lungs and the pocket; it crushes the creativity and coordination aspect as well.

Of course, chain smokers would have something to say in favor of the habit and they would start by suggesting that there are more dangerous vices herein. Through your essay, you should make them understand that a home is hardly pestered by lions; it’s the pestilent cats that do all the damage.

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