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Coming Up With Persuasive Essay Topic Ideas About Community Service

Community service may ring bells of minor criminals and penance but it is much more than that. Coming up with persuasive essay topic ideas about community service. True enough, many minor offenders are sentenced to perform a certain period of community service but this should not be the only reason why any community services get done. We all benefit from living in a healthy community and we should all strive to improve our own in any way we can. With everyone chipping in, you would be surprised and just how much can be accomplished at little cost to anyone.

When writing an essay, one must ensure that they select their topic carefully, it is at these stage that many writers fail and you should be careful to pay attention while selecting a topic. Firstly, choose a topic that you enjoy working with and make sure that you are able to acquire information on it easily enough. The following is a list of persuasive topic ideas about community service:

  1. Reasons why we should have a permanent team of people doing the same jobs that minor offenders do during community service.
  2. What is the purpose of giving convict community service when it does nothing to help rehabilitate them into productive society?
  3. What are the services most needed by communities and what are governments doing about them?
  4. What is the meaning of a community and why do they exist?
  5. Leaders should pay more attention the the needs of individuals in a community instead of simply employing generalized plans for community improvement.
  6. Why don’t more people volunteer to perform community services and why is this act not encouraged by the administration?
  7. How can we define a good community service from a bad one and why does this matter?
  8. Why areas with no sense of community are slower to develop than areas where the people are familiar with each other?
  9. Reasons why person convicted of none violent crime should be given long term sentences of community services as penance instead of simply sitting in jails cells doing nothing.
  10. Localized communities are disappearing because person no longer bother to go outside and socialize with their neighbors, they can do so using a smart device.
  11. The difference in the performance of community service when a volunteer does it compared to a person forced to do so as penance?
  12. Why soup kitchens are not real community services but instead a way of pretending to do community service.

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