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7 Things To Discuss In Your Essay On Happiness And Success

  1. Personal. Discuss how the feelings and emotions that people feel when they experience happiness or success are very different for each person. It can depend on age and experience. The intensity of the feeling or emotion also varies in intensity. Give an example or this in your essay, also relate to your own experiences so as your reader can relate to you
  2. Success. Again this is very personal as it depends on the person's ability, personality and aptitude. What one person defines as success may be a mundane small achievement for another. You may also consider discussing whether success and happiness co-exist and if they do is there any time where success needs to be second place to happiness. Give an example of this in your work.
  3. Altruism. When someone else achieves success in any form, do we genuinely feel happy for them or do we just go through the motions especially if their success means that we have not succeeded. Think here about the case of a best friend getting the job that you really wanted to do. If we do something to make someone happy is it because doing that action makes us feel happy about ourselves?
  4. Do we need to work at being happy? In order to succeed at something we need to work at it. It usually takes a certain amount of effort and possibly there may be a cost such as time spent with friends or relatives. Do we have to put as much effort into working towards being happy as we do to succeed at something? Or does being happy come naturally to some people?
  5. Does happiness and success go hand in hand? We a often hear some people say “I will be happy when I succeed in making a fortune/get that job”. Does being happy rely on success or fortune? If it does why are some people who have large fortunes or high powered well-paying jobs unhappy? What situations can actually equate to being happy? Give several examples.
  6. Does having lots of possessions equate with happiness? Similar to the the happiness and success topic above, does actually having lots of possessions make us happy? Does having the latest smart phone or the latest garden furniture make us happy? The phone may help us to keep in contact with loved ones and that will make people feel happy and the furniture will be comfortable, but is this true happiness?
  7. How does Health fit in with being happy? If we are happy does this have an influence on our health? And conversely if we are unhappy do we experience more ill health? Do people who cannot see joy or beauty in other people tend to be unhappy and less successful and less healthy because they cannot see beyond what is in front of them? What does happiness actually feel like?

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