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A List Of 11 Good Essay Writing Topics On Environment

The environment is an important part of every human being’s life. We need the environment in order to breathe since trees create oxygen. The environment is a place full of life: bugs, animals, birds, and so forth. Maybe the environment interests you and you would like to write an essay about aspects of the environment. There are many topics that can be written about. Some better and more interesting than others.

  • Air pollution
  • Air pollution is the most popular topic when it comes to the environment and its effects on animals especially birds. There are many instances of air pollution affecting animals, and so you wouldn’t run out of sources.

  • Climate Change
  • This is another issue discussed when it comes to the environment. You can write about the definition, the signs, and the effects and so forth not only on the environment but on people themselves.

  • Land Mining
  • At one point or another, the environment is destroyed in order to place a building or farm for human use. Talk about those instances and what effects it has on the environment and its inhabitants.

  • Forest Fires
  • This really affects the environment. It destroys habitats and so forth. Explain how and why it happens. Maybe include percussions to take to minimize the damages inflicted on the environment and its inhabitants.

  • Animals
  • Animals are a huge part of the environment. Write about a group of animals or a general part of animals and how their environments are affected by damage.

  • Chemicals
  • Chemicals can be tied with air pollution. Where do these chemicals come from? What are their effects? Possibly prevention tactics in order to save the environment or at least minimize the damage done by chemicals.

  • Littering
  • This is a huge issue when it comes to the environment. Trash can be seen everywhere when you walk outside, may it come in small wrappers or plastic cups and so forth; it is a problem. Talk about the effects littering can cause on animals. And what could be done about it.

  • Water pollution
  • This can be tied in with chemicals and air pollution. Talk about the effects it has on the animals and their population. How does it happen? How to fix it?

  • Acid Rain
  • What is it? What are its effects? How does it affect the environment? And so forth.

  • Natural Resources
  • Human beings need natural resources to continue to do everyday things. Like running water and energy and electricity. What are the effects of this on the environment and its inhabitants?

  • Energy
  • To decrease the damage to the environment, people have come up with creative ways to get energy elsewhere. Talk about all the other ways of retrieving energy and the effects on the environment.

There are many different topics to cover when it comes to the environment. You can write about many other things, but these are the best topics to write about due to the abundant information about them. Topics about the environment can be big or small but in the end it is the effects on the environment that are discussed the most.

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