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10 Great Ideas For Your Essay About Abortion Ethics

Abortion—It Can Work as a Topic

Abortion can be a tricky subject to focus your essay upon. In fact, some teachers have a whole list of topics, abortion being one of them, that they simply will not allow students to approach certain topics. Why? Because it can make your essay go all over the map. Let me tell you ten ways to write about abortion without letting your essay skew all out of control.

  1. Be careful with abortion as a topic, especially if you feel strongly about it.
  2. If you feel very, very strongly about this issue, you may want to switch topics. Anger and strong emotions are the essays enemy!

  3. Most essays about abortion are one of three types types, both of which are tricky.
  4. Most essays about abortion are either argumentative, persuasive, or a call to action essay. Any one of which can make an essay spin out of control because they all call for the reader to use emotion, as well as strong reasoning, to persuade.

  5. The first type of abortion essay could be argumentative.
  6. An argumentative essay: argues the writer’s point of view with one reason after another to convince their reader that they are in the right (argumentative)

  7. OR Persuasive—
  8. A persuasive essay persuades the reader to come over to the writer’s side of argument about a topic (general persuasive)

  9. Or a call to action paper
  10. A call to action essay is basically one in which after an argumentative/persuasive body—moves to persuade the reader to act soon (call to action) in some way.

  11. If you do want to write about abortion, make sure to follow a clear structure.
  12. Making sure you have all the elements of the essay – introduction, body paragraphs that inform/persuade + an acknowledgement of the other side’s major objection to the writer’s stance. Then refute that thinking with stronger reasoning of your own.

  13. Make sure your theses statement is strong and clearly stated.
  14. Strong topic sentences can help you keep your essay on track.
  15. Topic sentences work like the major, stronger bones in the body—they strengthen and structure your essay.

  16. How to acknowledge the other side and refute.
  17. Try fashioning one sentence in this format:

    Of course, those who do not advocate abortion believe that abortion is wrong because ______________, I would like to counter this line of thinking with these points:

  18. Make sure you have a highly convincing close—Go out with a bang, summing up your most compelling ideas with persuasion and vehemence!
  19. In short, go out with a bang, not a whimper!

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