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Tips And Tricks To Be Observed For Writing A Good Cause And Effect Essay

A classic cause and effect essay is seldom used by professional writers, but is a very common task for high school/university students to help them develop their writing skills and to organize their thoughts and ideas. However, it is an essential assignment that you will need to succeed in high school, college and in the workplace.

Every successful cause and effect essay aims to tell about the causes or effects of something. There are certain basic hints that help students to thrive.

As writing an essay is not a linear process, you might work through some steps for a couple of times.

The main goal of your essay is to answer the question or task properly. That’s why devoting enough time on the brainstorming process is an essential thing to do.

Use all kinds of literature references– books, Internet, science journals and any other trustworthy academic resource. Your note making skills may save you from hunting down information that you have already read.

Thinking of a good essay plan will help you to unravel the tangle of thoughts and organize your ideas. You may include in it a list of all causes and effects, which may be helpful during the writing process.

The next step is to write the first draft. However, don’t force yourself to write the whole essay in one sitting.

It is better to write the introduction and conclusion parts after the body, once you will know the whole plot of your paper. Using transition sentences or so called 'signpost' words in your work will facilitate reading and help the reader to flow of your ideas.

As every academic essay must contain references, don’t forget to use quotes to avoid plagiarism. It is a serious crime in academic world, so if you don’t want to get in trouble use unique texts. So, make yourself sure, you have carefully examined the referencing rules of your school/college.

After finishing the first draft leave it aside for a couple of days to refresh your thoughts and re-read, edit it more carefully. You may also give it to a friend or relative to read your paper and maybe give some pieces of advice. It is better to choose someone who is competent in the sphere you are writing about.

If it is required in the guideline write a reference list and list all academic sources that you have used for your paper. It is a list of every work that you have quoted and should it be the last page.

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